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For expectant mums, new mums and those who know them.

Fantastic article from N’tima Preusser

Before I was a parent, I was the perfect one. People told me my life would change. People told me I would be tired. That parenthood would be the greatest and hardest thing I would ever do.

Yeah yeah yeah.
I know. I know.
I knew everything. “


Definitely worth a read.


Breastfeeding Pamphlets





A useful link to some of CCDHB’s Breastfeeding Pamphlets.

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and managing some sleep!

Safe swaddling

There are lots of mixed messages about swaddling babies out there. This is a great resource on safe swaddling to reduce SUDI risk.

Labour and birth clips online

As a childbirth educator and midwifery student, watching births on YouTube always seems like a kind of fun thing to do!  Pretty crazy huh?  Even my kids get into them, and my husband no longer startles if he walks past the laptop screen and sees a baby coming out!

I’ve recently been put onto this great UK site by a friend:  It has heaps of information about lots of different topics and lots of footage of real families in real situations.  What I loved about it is that you can see women labouring and birthing in all sorts of positions, rather than the images that we so often get in the media of women flat on their backs – some that research has shown time and time again to be undesirable for labouring women and their unborn babies.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  Did you capture your birth in film or photo?  Are you thinking about it?  Would you put it on YouTube?

Make room for baby!

If you didn’t think your body was amazing before you will after you watch this little animation.

This is part of an exhibit on bodies and shows what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy, from conception to birth. It’s incredible how everything inside moves around to fit in baby and still keeps right on working!