About Us

We are two sisters, who have motherhood uppermost in our minds, with four kids between us.

While sharing in common a real joy in motherhood, we have quite different styles of parenting and have had very different experiences along that road.  Between us, we have dealt with natural conception, IVF, breastfeeding struggles, pre and post birth problems, neonatal unit stays, hospital and homebirth, attachment parenting, routines and more.

We are not experts on child development or baby nutrition, but we are both articulate, intelligent, well read women who are passionate and knowledgeable about parenting and babies and have a real desire to see mothers informed and equipped to enjoy being with their babies!  We are deeply involved in our local parenting and national communities, including Playcentre and Parents Centre. Between us we have a wide range of qualifications (Diplomas in Counselling and Childbirth Education, and Degrees in Law, Commerce, and Psychology), and a (currently in progress) Bachelor of Midwifery.

This blog represents our viewpoints and those of a wide network of women – friends, family, workmates, antenatal groups, their friends, their friends’ friends…  This is us, over a cup of tea and a great piece of cake, sharing our combined wisdom and experiences with you in the endless tradition of communities of women before us.  It should not take the place of advice from your trusted health professional – GP, midwife, pharmacist, homeopath, etc but rather should sit alongside it.  As a mum you will need at least one good health professional you trust to survive!

We first started developing The Mama Manual over three years ago, but unlike your baby, it has had a gestation of a lot longer than nine months! We hope you enjoy the information that we bring you each week and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions as we take this magical, marvellous and sometimes downright terrifying journey together…

  1. Julie Abraham

    Hey there Cara, what an exciting time for you guys….yes a long gestation time but just like fine wine and cheese it takes time :-)…love the concept and will look forward to reading more as it grows…..

  2. A great concept! I’m sure this will fly …

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