ROAD SAFETY FOR KIDS: What & When? (from the NZ Police)

Baby to Year 1

  • Talk about why you are putting them in a child restraint.
  • Always put on your seat belt and say you are doing this to keep yourself safe.
  • Talk about where and why you are crossing the road.
  • Push the stroller on the house side of the footpath.
  • Listen to songs & stories with a road safety focus.

2 – 4 Years

  • Hold their hand when walking, and make sure the child is on the house side of the footpath.
  • Use STOP, Look and Listen to cross the road.
  • Watch out for sneaky (hidden) driveways.
  • Show them safe places to play. Explain why these are safe places.
  • Explain that driveways and vehicle places are not safe places to play. Make sure you know where all kids are before backing out the car.
  • Start a habit of kids wearing a safety helmet when using wheeled toys. Supervise them while riding.

5 – 7 Years

  • Walk with them to school when they are very young, holding their hand.
  • Decide with them safe places to cross the road, and explain the purpose of pedestrian crossings, school patrols and traffic lights.
  • Teach them where to wait for the bus, how to behave on it and where to wait when they get off the bus.
  • Make sure they know not to run across the road to the car. Park in a safe place and walk to get your child.
  • Help them plan safe routes to school as they get older, avoiding railway lines and parks.
  • Teach them what to do if there is a hazard like road works in their way.
  • Teach them how to get help in an emergency situation.
  • Teach them how to walk safely where there is no footpath.


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  1. Ooooo…this is really, really good! So glad I stumbled on it, thank you! I’m pinning it to read again later (as my girls age). The emphasis on explaining the “why” behind safety choices has really left an impression with me; I do it, but not enough. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Glad you like – I thought it was great and especially like the way they offer things you can do right from early on πŸ™‚

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