Manic Moments: They’re here to stay (for Christmas)

As of yesterday – and due to the usual holiday influx of relatives – we now have Baby May and Toddler Thomas sleeping in our bedroom.  In our very ordinary sized house we are now cramming four adults, five children, and two large hairy slobbery dogs.  Aaaah, family closeness!  I know in some continents larger families than this exist in spaces far smaller than this but somehow I can’t help but suspect that the rate of familial murder is far higher in those societies.

And so I find myself lying awake at 5.30am listening to baby May snort and whistle while she dreams her sweet baby dreams. What are the chances of more sleep for me?  Slim to none I’d say.  Never mind, I should get up and make a shopping list.  With so many extras in the house we seem to be getting through a mountain of food. I’m trying not to think about the power bill.

With the shopping list done and the household stirring, I have a moment’s insanity and volunteer to take my twin four year old nieces as well as two year old Thomas with me to the supermarket.  I think it was the momentary glow of selfless heroism, giving my sister a break after a broken night with her baby, but WHAT was I thinking!!? (Please have the lady committed!)

Having wrestled three recalcitrant toddlers into the car I remind myself with the thought that I do have the edge on the other shoppers. With an early start I’ll race around and be out in a flash.  Dreaming, I hear you say?  Can you believe it; the car park is already filling up.  I’m pipped to the last kiddy park by a sveltely pregnant woman in a two seater – humph I hate her!  Swallowing a scream of frustration I console myself by fantasizing about seeing her again in a few months time – sleep deprived and vomit covered with her new little darling in tow! (Oh no I’m one of those grumpy know-it-all parents!)  On second thoughts, give me a break, I’m at the supermarket before 9am with three under 5 year olds – you’d be grumpy too!

My frantic race up and down the aisles is more like a drunken zigzag as I chase after the kids and try to limit destruction.  They resemble nothing so much as heat seeking missiles this morning but eventually we get through the list, and leave the supermarket (for the most part) intact!

We stagger back to the house, and herd everyone outside to enjoy the sunshine.  It’s been one long hard day – would you believe it’s only 10.30am!  Still, as I relax back into my deck chair, the kids charge around with a ball, the babies gurgle on the rug, and my nearest and dearest sit back and share the moment with me…  it does seem that after all, the holidays are worth the effort!


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