Going back to a paid job – intellectual considerations

Intellectual Considerations

You may be worried about losing the intellectual stimulation of your professional world.  It’s true that the constant cycle of feeding, changing, settling, combined with the endless quantities of dirty washing and mashed pumpkin can be somewhat mind numbing!  For many women, the buzz of being in an adult workplace and challenging their intellect can add real balance to their role as a mum. 

I found that once I had the basics of caring for my first child sorted on a day to day basis, I started craving ‘something more’.  It wasn’t that I didn’t absolutely LOVE my time at home with her, and I adored my days at home, mucking in, reading Hairy Maclary over and over, and expressing my delight at the gift of a loved but grubby soft toy thrust into my hands.  But I also love the rush of the workplace challenge and the satisfaction of a happy client.  The solution that I found was to do a small amount of part-time work while she slept.  That way I didn’t feel like I was compromising my time with her, but I got that brain-buzz.

If you are thinking of staying home full-time, but worried about how you might get this extra intellectual stimulation, consider getting involved in a voluntary organisation.  They always love new volunteers and there are often some meaty leadership roles or projects that you can really get your teeth into.  A bit of part-time study could be the answer too and many mums take up something that is relevant to their new role – childbirth education, early childhood development, teachers college, to name just a few.


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