Back to the rat-race? Some considerations…

Over and over you will hear people talking about “returning to work”.  What do they think motherhood is, a walk in the park?  We would liken it to more of a rollercoaster ride with huge highs and lows, a bit of screaming, some whooping, white knuckles, and a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.  But that aside, motherhood is joy but it is also WORK.  When someone asks if you are returning to work, it subtly suggests that you might be spending your days as an at-home mum draped on the couch watching soaps on tv.  (And even if there is a bit of that while bubs is napping, hey, everyone else gets a lunch break right?).

So parents don’t re-enter the paid workforce simply because they have nothing better to do.  It is almost always a carefully weighed and sometimes painfully made decision with so many factors taken into consideration.  If you are undecided, or feel that you only have one option but it’s not a choice you would make voluntarily, ponder on some of these things, and see how you feel at the end of it.  At the end of the day, you’ll make a choice that’s driven by the desire to do the best thing for your family, and no-one else can tell you what that is, including us. 

The ideas that follow in the coming posts are not meant to direct you towards going back to paid work or staying at home full-time.  In fact, we both returned to paid positions while our first babies were under one, but managed to juggle this part-time and have our husbands both spending time at home during the working week.  We’ve also both been through the carefully thought through decision to spend more time at home, for less money.  So the ideas in the coming posts are really meant to get your thinking about what your family’s priorities are and then embrace those and make it work for you.


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