Exercise stuff after baby’s arrival

Given that after you have a baby, your body is doing all sorts of weird things (breasts, stretch marks, jelly belly, general weight gain), lots of you are keen to get back into or start some kind of regular exercise.

Were you a dedicated gym bunny before pregnancy/baby?  A regular swimmer or walker?  Or maybe exercise was always an uphill struggle for you?  Getting into some light exercise after labour and birth is great, it can ward off constipation, get blood circulating for faster healing, help you sleep better, and improve your frame of mind. 

But bear in mind that we are talking light exercise here.  It is important to have realistic expectations, whatever your intentions were before.  I remember first time round at eight months pregnant expounding on the fact that I was going to go on a walk up the big hill behind my house every day as soon as my daughter was born – “I mean really, there’s no reason not to, is there?  It’s only 15 minutes out of my whole day!”.  Oh-ho, little did I know that my timetabling plans would soon go out the window (check out our previous post for ideas on how you might spend your day with a newborn). 

If your baby was born by caesarean birth, this is going to take you a lot longer so please make sure you take your maternity caregiver’s advice.  Walking up and down hills isn’t advisable for the first month or two, so try and scout out some nice flat strolls.

Next post, we have a few ideas on exercising with a young baby…


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  1. I am currently doing the Active Mums Mums in Motion course and am LOVING it – would definitely recommend to other new Mums out there. Check out the info on http://www.activemums.com/

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