Manic Moments: Cabin Fever

Aaah winter don’t you love it?! In winter the first thing I do when the alarm goes off (and by alarm I mean small extremely loud baby) is pull back the curtain and check out the weather. If it’s clear outside I sigh with relief. However this morning its grey skies and rain cause for a heartfelt groan. What on earth are we going to do today??

It’s two hours later….a LONG two hours later. There’s weetbix and banana all over me, the kitchen, two children, the highchair, the baby and the floor. I’m not sure if ANY of it went in mouths at all. (Possibly only the gob that landed in my mouth, when I unfortunately began talking just as Thomas discovered the practical catapult qualities of his spoon!). One child is sporting skivvy, jersey and woolly hat plus bare bum, the other is prancing around in her sundress, and the baby is still in pyjamas. Need I mention that the temperature outside can only be about 10° Celsius if that. The house already looks like a full day of play has occurred. *Sigh* And it’s only 9am.

Twenty minutes later after Thomas has managed to sneak off and drop two full rolls of toilet paper in the toilet while I am trying to clean the kitchen, I decide that we MUST get out of the house or I will no longer be responsible for my actions.

Of course getting us all out the house is the equivalent of organising an expedition to Everest. I suddenly feel great empathy for Sherpa Tenzing and all his hard work to get those mountain climbing boys out the door and up the mountain!

Never mind, eventually we get on the road. At this point I realise I have no idea where we are going. Pool? Nope didn’t pack the togs. Library? Nope can’t face the inevitable climbing of shelves and loud yelling (me not the kids!). Where else? I think fondly of summer days, parks and beaches and numerous options. Winter is hard work!

Half an hour later peace reigns. I’m drinking hot if not particularly fabulous coffee. The kids are playing in the playground. Baby is asleep in the stroller. Good old Ronald MacDonald eh? Did I mention its open twenty four hours a day? I’ve bribed the kids with the promise of fries if they play nicely for twenty minutes and so far my bad parenting bribe appears to be working. So well in fact that next time I’m bringing my book. In the meantime I’ll just sit here quietly and dream of summer days and warm tropical islands.


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