The fine art of conversation…

Worried about becoming “just another boring mum”, as a friend of mine put it?  Okay, reality check, when you are on duty 24/7 feeding, soothing, wiping, winding it’s difficult to make conversation about anything other than your babe. That’s ok!

But if you are really desperate to widen your conversation repertoire, here are some ideas:

  • Keep up with the news by watching it on TV while feeding, or checking news websites at those odd times of the day when you want to sit and chill for five minutes.
  • Look into child development – ok, it’s still about the baby, but this stuff can stretch you intellectually and provide you with some mental stimulation and interesting conversation with other parents.
  • Make time to talk to your partner and other visitors about what they’re up to.  Easy questions like ‘How’s your job going?’, ‘What did you get up to this weekend?’ and ‘How are you really?’ can bring you a whole range of interesting things to talk about.
  • Learn to talk over, under and around interruptions.  Having children changes your conversation style forever.  When they’re tiny, their needs are immediate: “Mum, feed me NOW, Mum, change me NOW, Mum I’m tiiiiired…”  As they get older you’ll be running round after them keeping them safe, helping them, giving them your approval “Mum, Mum, look at me.. “  You will get used to picking up the thread of an interrupted topic five minutes later.

 Having a new baby is something like starting a new relationship.  Can you recall when you first starting seeing someone that you were just besotted with?  Falling in love often means your thinking time is totally consumed by the new person in your life.  It’s no different when you’re falling in love with your beautiful little one.  So you don’t have to resign yourself to becoming a boring person.  But acknowledge to yourself that being a mum means you are on the job 24/7 so it’s realistic to expect that you might at time feel like your most interesting topics of conversation are how many hours bubs slept last night and your latest poo explosion story.

Be proud! Being a mum is an epic exciting exhausting journey. There’ll always be some one who doesn’t get it – but you are doing a super important job, raising a whole new human being – so don’t forget it!


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