Social networks

One of the biggest issues for new mums can be isolation.   Many of us find our sense of identity in belonging to groups of one kind or another (“Yes, I’m a lawyer, a netball player, a stamp collector…”) and groups is one thing that is not lacking.  So try and get out of the house every so often and see a friend or support group.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Antenatal or PIN group
  • Mothers Network
  • Playcentre
  • A baby friendly fitness class at the gym or pool
  • Local community noticeboards
  • Other mums in your church or workplace
  • Try asking your local Parents Centre or Plunket – they will know of groups in the area.

If you’re in an isolated area, try online forums on websites like Huggies and Little Treasures. Or find some good blogs and start commenting!

Social networks come in all shapes and sizes so if your situation is different from the next door neighbours don’t let that put you off. There are groups for  two parent families, for single parents, for young parents, for working parents and stay at home parents, for parents who kids have special challenges… and lots of groups that mix and mingle across the spectrum. So try some out!

Some groups can be snobby or competitive or just plain mean – so if you strike a group like that our recommendation would be to ditch it! You need networks that will support and encourage you, cheer you on in the good times and hold you up in the hard ones. There are lots out there so don’t let a bad experience put you off. Keep looking!

Do you have a social network to support you? What is it and how did you find it?


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