A note about night feeding and sleeping through

A quick reminder that it’s very normal for your wee bubba to need at least one and probably two or more feeds during the night. The trick is to minimise the impact it has on you!

Try these things to help keep nights as sane as possible:

  • Even if it’s just on weekends or once in a while, get dad to be the one who gets up, brings baby to you, changes her, and then takes her back to bed after the feed.  This means you can just feed and go back to sleep.  An excellent example of good delegation.

  • Try expressing some milk so dad can do at least one of the middle of the night feeds (although this is best done once you’ve established breastfeeding and got your milk supply sorted).
  • Think about having baby in your room – less wandering the corridors at night plus a reduced SIDS risk – great!
  • Think about bed sharing.  The marvellous thing about bed sharing is there is no getting out of the bed or other distractions – you just feed baby and both go back to sleep – so it cuts down on wakeful time (we’ll post a bit later on safety precautions. If you need these now just drop us a line and we’ll send you some info).
  • Try giving baby a ‘dream feed’ to extend the amount of time before you have to get up again.  This means if she is asleep – get her up just before you go to bed and give her a feed.  The trick is to keep her asleep or in a sleepy state as possible while feeding. For some babies this works really well, for others not at all – so give it a go and see!

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