Manic moments: Treating yourself

As parents, it’s often difficult to find ‘me time’ but it’s also all important in maintaining a modicum of sanity.  After a difficult pregnancy, and now with an active toddler and new baby it was high time for a bit of quality pampering.

With this in mind, I ran a long hot bath with some yummy toiletries given by a knowing mother of two.  It was the perfect soak after a demanding day.  With a few doors closed between me and the rest of the family I was finally able to get into that book that had been sitting untouched for weeks.  I slowly felt myself unwind.  After a blissful hour of this, feeling mellow and generous, I offered to take the baby into the bath with me to give his Dad a bit of a break.  It was really special time; we gazed at each other, pondering the meaning of life, love and the beauty of a new little person in the world.  Life really was good – I had the balance down perfectly – I can be a momentous mother and a pampered princess!  Interrupting this zen moment a little bubbly noise erupted… where had that come from!?  Then without further ado, baby boy unleashed an explosive poo…  and thus endeth the relaxing bath, oh well!

Take two, I thought the following week.  I can do this!  I had a massage voucher just waiting to be used.  There WOULD be pampering and relaxation I told myself.  With military precision, I had the two kids packed up, expressed bottle ready to go, rain & wind conquered, and we were on our way off to Grandma’s.  Battling through the foul weather I was focused on the road.  But hang on… wasn’t that Grandma’s car going the other way??  I whipped out my mobile phone to clear up matters, and wouldn’t you know it – the one time the battery dies and there’s no spare in sight, sigh!  We fight through the rain and make it to Grandma’s house where someone rings Grandma and we manage to meet up in town.  Yes, I tell myself “There WILL be relaxation and pampering!!”  I make it in the door of the exclusively glamorous retreat with seconds to spare.  Who me, relaxed?  Sure thing I’m a Mum, you take these moments where you can find them!


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  1. In our house it has always been the one who gets up to feed a baby in the night is automatically granted a sleep in on a Saturday and Sunday – due to breastfeeding until my youngest was nearly 2 that sleep in was always mine!! It has continued as Arron now relishes that special time he has with Eddy and Alice in the mornings while I get to have ‘me time’ tucked up in bed!

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