Sleep. In the beginning…

Let’s take a reality check and be honest about the fact that, with a new baby, the first month at least and often the first three or more are just about survival.

When you have a new baby, you may be sleep deprived, exhausted, stressed, tearful, and shattered and wondering what on earth you have let yourself in for.  Is there a returns desk?  Can you take this baby back and exchange it for one that actually sleeps?  Will it ever end?  What is the meaning of life???  This is totally normal and you will survive it and come out the other side.

The most important thing you can do to survive this first crazy time is to just go with the flow.  You are learning about your baby and what she needs, she is learning about you and about the great wide world. Sleep is going to take up a lot of your time and energy over the next few years.  Not so much the sleep itself, as the thinking about it, talking about it, trying to make it happen, wishing it would happen, and wondering if you’ll ever have enough again.

Sleep is such a big issue for parents that we’re going to spend a lot of time on it.  We’ll be talking about your baby’s sleep in the early days and weeks.  We’ll be looking at what you can expect and what it’s like for baby.  And of course most importantly (for sleep deprived parents) we’ll talk about how to help your little angel sleep so that you can too! Later on we’re planning to return to this topic and look at sleep for slightly older babies.

Feel free to send us any questions and we will try and answer them. Please remember above all else that this is survivable!  (Even if it doesn’t always feel like it!) Repeat again the parents’ mantra “This too shall pass”.  On my more sleep deprived days a wise friend often reminds me that when my non-sleeping toddler is a teenager I will be trying to get her out of bed rather than into it!


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